script automatic downloads google chrome


script automatic downloads google chrome

Many times we want to develop an automation and an automatic program that allows browsing to download files using the google chrome browser, but in this development we need the program to send a script to enable automatic downloads of any file, a drawback with chromium is that we must click on the option "Ask location before downloading" to be able to download .zip, .csv, .jpg, .png, .pdf etc files and that the save as modal window does not appear.
automatic downloads google chrome javascript
automatic downloads google chrome javascript

That is why mbajava brings you a javascript code to enable the option to automatically download all the files you need, with this code you can place the files in the download area copy the code:


I code you can add it in chrome console as in the image:

javascript code automatic downloads chrome

the html of this browser uses settings-ui tags not very mentioned in the programming language but with the power of javascript nothing is left behind.

now if we want to know if the automatic download is true we can do a check and verify if it is available with the following pure javascript code:


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