read captcha with java design software


read captcha with java design software

 ¿how to read a captcha with a java program?

For a long time, the battle has been hardened against the robots that are in charge of invading sites with spam and try to circumvent the security of each of the web pages or applications of
security software.

how to read a captcha with a java program

                                          ¿What is a CAPTCHA for?

the CAPTCHA meaning stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Or what is the same, a tool or a test that is capable of distinguishing whether you are a human or a robot as a security or verification measure when accessing a page, for example. This Turing test is very old but it has been evolving until today and surely you have used it many times on a web page to prove that you are a person. They are simple questions that seek to limit spam or automatic clicks on any page. It can be solving something very simple like a sum or simply choosing all the photos that have streetlights or saying what letters are in a box even if they are rotated or slightly distorted. A machine could not but for a human it would be easily overcome regardless of their cultural or intellectual level, we could be talking about solving an image with artificial intelligence using programming language.

                                                 ¿methods to solve a captcha?

There are several methods on the market both web application API Rest of consumption in lime you send a request to the server with the url of the image and it returns a response type text string that you use to resolve the image such as google chrome extensions, but we are going to focus on a desktop application and especially in the java language environment.

this program can solve very simple captcha the way you program it is to load an image either from the local pc or an external url, save it in a java jpanel or jlabel once loaded to be displayed we use artificial intelligence which we go through the pixels of the image to clean the edges as crossed lines between the letters or word, and after doing this cleaning we go through again to find the letters compared to an alphabet, sometimes we can find a word similar to another this can happen when performing OCR intelligence but we are talking about 60% or 70% effectiveness.

how to solve captcha with java program

to download the program I leave the link at the bottom, once downloaded a folder called tessdata should appear and the executable this folder should always be next to the executable, we double click and the program interface opens, if we have an image on the pc that we must solve catpcha we click on select image:

how to read a captcha with a java program software 2

immediately when loading the image it is shown in the panel on the right, then we click on the solve captcha button.
immediately it will show us the solution if it does not show the solution it will show us a message that it could not solve catcha

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