remove an extension in PHP


remove an extension in PHP

¿how remove an extension in PHP? 

remove an extension in PHP

 In programming times we need to remove or delete an extension of a directory that we have hosted on our server and for that we are going to use php programming that this language helps us with possible solutions for that I will only put a method which is sent the name of the file by parameters with the extension and returns the name of the file without this extension here the code:

function quitar_extension_php($nombre){
   $archivo = $nombre;
$extension = pathinfo($archivo, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
$nombre_base = basename($archivo, '.'.$extension);   
return $nombre_base;

we emphasize that when we want to call the method we must place it first before making its call as an example:

 echo quitar_extension_php("nombre_archivo.txt");

and that's it

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